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Thank you Newgrounds

2016-04-23 02:02:06 by spawn0220

I can't believe this is still here. It's like a piece of my history. I was so surprised to see the community still around and that I was able to login still. Amazing. I need to support this so it never goes away. Thank you Newgrounds, for everything... and half of my younger years.


2008-08-11 22:17:06 by spawn0220

I got just got XXL FL studio 8 Producers addition and i posted a piece from mortal kombat check it out!

somthing new....

2008-04-15 21:30:36 by spawn0220

so im gonna be posting somthing that i made on me birthday
and then thats it....

im not gonna be posting 4 awhile cuz im gonna be working on somthing big...
all the other songs were just practise soooooooo...... ya im not gonna post 4 awhile..........


somthing new....


2008-03-25 17:28:34 by spawn0220

why??? why do u ppl hate boxman!!! its a good beat and it's better without the voice!!! :( y do u hate it ???? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Edit boxman

2008-03-22 14:33:33 by spawn0220

Posting the edited version of boxman beat cuz u can hear the loop end and start so i decided to edit it not sure if im going to add anything new though ......

Boxman Beat

2008-03-20 17:13:51 by spawn0220

I posted a new song it's called the boxman beat. It's based on smosh's boxman's girlfriend song...i asked smosh if i could do this but they didnt answer so i hope they dont get mad :(

More songs

2008-03-16 21:18:45 by spawn0220

I posted more music so go check it out rate and review!

1st SoNg

2008-03-10 19:18:30 by spawn0220

I just posted my first go check it out...AND FOR CHRISTS SAKE STOP READING THIS STUFF!!!